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Tableware contributes more to your theme than you might think. Our elegant, yet earthy Boho Lunch Plates and Boho Cups will add a classy touch to any outdoor event!

Looking for a DIY party that is rustic at the roots, but can be styled and decorated as chic as you please?  Then a Boho party might be your festivity fantasy come true! One thing that makes this particular series so interesting is that a lot people opt to decorate with inexpensive items such as scrap wood, plants, and wood pallets to achieve a DIY look, then add more stylish and colorful decor to the rustic aesthetic they’ve created. Depending on desire and tools on hand, you could take the term “crafting” to the next level and build something like this beautiful Herringbone Pallet Party Bar, or just keep things simple and easy by taping up a Weathered Wood Party Backdrop and hanging a few Paper Lanterns and Fans throughout the party.  Whether you tend to lean toward the shabby and sweet or stylish and chic, you can go forth knowing that Birthday Direct has all of the decor on hand to make your Boho shindig a stunning success. Let’s have a look at some of the items you’ll need to get your Boho-themed celebration underway!


A few of our Gold Metallic Paper Straws will make your tableware snap, crackle, and… well, I forgot what I was gonna type. You get the idea.

Before we get started, I wanted to list a couple of links to our lovely and dual-purpose Personalized Boho Invites and Photo Personalized Boho Invites. Both styles of invitations come complete with colors and decor that complement the Boho theme while also giving party planners the option to add notes, special info, or a photo to their invitations. You can keep your guests in the know with a stylish invite, then stash a few to serve as keepsakes after the party is over!

Now, onto the decor!

Incorporating solid colors and patterns when it comes to tableware and decor will always give your party an upbeat and un-repeated look. We offer some lovely coordinating options such as, but not limited to: Gold Foil, Gold Foil Mini Dots, Gold Polka Dots, and traditional Gold and White tableware which all happen to be pictured above. If you happen to be after a different look, no worries. You’ll discover loads of tableware options when you browse our collection of Solid Color Party Supplies!


These Mint Puff Ball Tissue Decorations and Coral Puff Ball Tissue Decorations look great suspended from the ceiling or taped to interior or exterior walls, while our Clear Balloons w/Gold Confetti and Pink and Gold Party Hats will fit in to any glamorous gathering!


Keep the furniture clean and add some rustic sheen with this White Wood Grain Table Cover! Also, adding some Boho Large Personalized Photo Balloons makes for a sweet and personal touch to you or your little one’s Boho bash. Our Gold Glitter Table Runner can also serve as a great foundation on which to anchor balloons! Tape a few Personalized Photo Balloons to your tables by their strings and watch your balloons sway and dance in the cool evening air.

I’m not sure what it is exactly, but the colors featured in this series really get the creative juices flowing. The slightly subdued tones mesh in a very pleasing way and provide a palette that allows the decorator to be uninhibited or minimalistic when adding their own touch to the party. If you also feel the urge to get crafty, our Boho DIY Party Sign Cutouts and Boho DIY Table Decoration Cutouts featured in the images below provide a cool and inexpensive way to get your toes wet without taking on a huge DIY project. Once you receive your high quality sheet containing your cutouts, grab some scissors and just cut them out and apply to your walls with household tape. Simple, yet splendid, right? Feel free to also take a look at our vast selection of Party Essentials and let your creative mind take the wheel!


If you’re looking to add a personal touch in the form of tasteful wall decor, our Boho Personalized Party Poster and Boho DIY Party Sign Cutouts have got you (and your walls) covered!


Add some style to your treats table by incorporating items such as our Boho Centerpieces, Mint Table Cover, and Boho DIY Table Decorations.

Now that we’ve arrived at the party favor phase of your Boho blowout, that means your fun-filled festivity is almost a wrap. We hope it was spectacular! All of the items featured in the image below would make fabulous favors for any party-goer, but if you’re still searching for a particular item/items, feel free to peruse our entire selection of Party Favors. Our Sweet Whimsy Travel Size Coloring Books would make wonderful favors for a girly get together, or our Adventurer Binoculars would be perfect to give away as a unisex favor for any little adventurer who happens to drop by! You can also view our full selection of Boho party supplies here, good luck with your own Boho bash!


Send your guests home with some absolutely alluring party favors! Our Boho DIY Favor Bag ToppersBoho Value Stickers, or these cute Boho DIY Favor Tags will do the deed just fine.

Throwing the perfect party is a work of love. Seeing your guests fall in love with your work makes it all worthwhile. Our comprehensive selection of party supplies and convenient shipping options help ease the stress of planning that next big celebration. We at Birthday Direct want to help make your next party perfect; it’s what we do!

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