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Game ON!

designfleur/ February 22, 2019/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Follow me “It was long ago predicted that on a scheduled day of celebration, that an ordinary room in an ordinary house would be magically transformed into a lair of wonder and festivities by way of amazing party decor and

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Little Dinosaur

designfleur/ February 15, 2019/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Follow me A fixation on all things dinosaur seems to be an essential stop on the journey through childhood, and every parent or parent-to-be will more than likely organize a dino party at some point. If (or more accurately, when)

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Nerf Party

designfleur/ December 12, 2018/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Follow me Do you happen to know a little warrior or sports fan with a birthday fast approaching? If that’s a yes, then why not take advantage of this AMAZING weather and have a celebration outdoors with our Nerf Party Series!

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