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Are you looking to throw a first-rate galactic get-together for a special little astronaut? Then you are in the right sector of the star system. Our stellar Galaxy Party Series features tableware adorned with lovely deep space graphics as well as deep space decor and party favor options. This far out collection is also perfect for a unisex birthday party and will have every deep space explorer in the quadrant suiting up for a good time! If you’d like to add a personal touch to your outer space shindig, we have invitations, centerpieces, door greeters, and more available in our Outer Space Party Series that can be personalized with well wishes or party information (they also work wonderfully with our Galaxy Party Series)! Now, If you’re ready, we’ll fly in for a closer look at this cool and cosmic collection. All ignition systems enacted; check. Rocket thrusters engaged; check. Houston, we are T-10 from the Galaxy jamboree of a lifetime!



Having a mix and match approach when it comes to party planning not only makes for a good time, but using items from different collections affords the planner a wide array of options; making it easier to achieve a cool and custom look for your party. We carry 4 different Space-themed party collections; 2 of which are more young adult themed, leaving the other two as ideal options for toddlers and young children. You can find all 4 collections here. 🙂 A little of this collection, a little of that series, plus some specialty items like Party Favors or Decor and BOOM; your festivity is ready for lift off!

Personalized decor and invitations are also an excellent way to make your Galaxy Party guest of honor feel even more special. Most of the items you’ll find in our Outer Space Party Series can be added to or are interchangeable with our Galaxy Party items; even decor pieces like this neat Outer Space Centerpiece and these Outer Space Thank You Notes can be outfitted with custom messages for the birthday astronaut and party guests!


Incorporate some of our lovely Solid Color Party Supplies in to your Galaxy Party for a cool and custom look!


Stack up some delicious desserts on our Galaxy Party Dessert Plates, then fill these Galaxy Party Cups with your beverage of choice!

Since we’ve touched a little on invitations and decor, your guests will now know the when and where of your galactic affair and your living room is probably starting to resemble a star-scape from 2001: A Space Odyssey; which means we’re on the right track! Now that we’ve laid the foundation for our Galaxy party, we can move on to the main attraction; treats and entertainment. Having a neat idea to implement in your own party or even borrow elements from seems to help get the creative juices flowing, so I thought I’d share a couple of treat and entertainment ideas that I came across while browsing the web. In keeping with our “as little stress as possible” approach to party planning, this aluminum foil Moon Rock Hunt is a fun, easy, and cheap activity that can be thrown together in a matter of minutes. As far as yummy treats go, this Black Velvet Cupcake with Galaxy Frosting would make an awesome addition to any Galaxy Party while giving the planner/baker a step by step recipe or a base to build a signature cosmic confection all their own!


Our Pink, White, and Purple Crepe Streamer SetBalloon Set, and Curling Ribbon Set are just a few deep space decor options you can use to get your party looking great!

galaxy star

These Pink Glitter Star Cutouts can be hung, taped, or scattered throughout your party for a glamorous and galactic look, while our Deep Space Table Cover also turns your table into functional decor!

We’ve ventured through the cosmos and had a blast in the process, but all good things have endings and our Galaxy Party is no exception. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t send your guests off with a deep space souvenir or two! Our Galaxy Party is loaded with fun favors, like this Value Spaceship Fleet and Mini Galaxy Gliders, that can also double as fun party activities that your guests can take home when the party is over. While you’re here, why not take a quick gander at all of the items and collections featured in our Space-Themed Collections? If you’re still searching for certain items or decor, you’re sure to find something in one of our collections that will get your spacey soiree underway!

Don’t forget that all of our online customers are subject to great benefits like free shipping on qualifying orders and same day order processing. Our mission is to help get your party looking great as quickly as possible without breaking your budget. We appreciate that you’ve entrusted Birthday Direct with the task of supplying your next party or event with quality party supplies, and our online selection and dedication to customer satisfaction reflects that. We’re here if you need us, good luck with your very own Galaxy Party!


Our Inflatable Astronaut and Inflatable Space Shuttle can double as decor or favors, while our Space Blowouts are a neat and cheap party favor that won’t break the bank!


Tape our Stars at Night Party Backdrop on an interior or exterior wall and get your star-studded shindig going in a big way! Also perfect for photos!

Throwing the perfect party is a work of love. Seeing your guests fall in love with your work makes it all worthwhile. Our comprehensive selection of party supplies and convenient shipping options help ease the stress of planning that next big celebration. We at Birthday Direct want to help make your next party perfect; it’s what we do!

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