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I’m generally a happy person and there are many days that I get to come to work and write about party supplies that further brighten my good spirits. Well, friends, today is one of those days! Our Glam Party Supplies bring to mind images of happy and slightly overwhelmed parents cheerfully attending to a gaggle of ecstatic preteen girls, all of which happen to be masked in fresh, heavy make up.

The “BeYOUtiful!” tagline found on the cups and plates also makes me smile when I read it; I feel like it encourages young girls to have a blast with a makeup party, but also to highlight natural beauty and focus on fun and friends rather than relying solely on any beauty products to make them look “glamorous.”

Any young lady who is into the fashion world would surely adore a Glam Party or Spa Slumber Party (items from both sets of party supplies complement each other wonderfully),  but for those still on the fence, let’s explore some of the other Glam party supplies you’ll find in this series.

Get ready for snacks galore, our Glam Party Dessert Plates have been tested and can hold a bodacious bundle of treats! 
Glamc2 copy

Enjoy some delicious party fare AND keep the party tidy with our Glam Cups, Glam Lunch Plates, Glam Beverage Napkins, and Glam Dessert Plates!

If you, the planner/decorator, happen to be looking for a fun and girly party to throw for your little lady, our Glam Party and Spa Slumber Party Supplies have plenty going for them!  However, no matter how stylish your celebration may be, if you don’t have guests, you don’t have a party! Cue invitations. Our charming personalized photo invitations and personalized door greeters featured in the image below will supply your guests with all of the information they’ll need to know in order to be at the right place at the right time. After you and your friends have partied the evening away, consider sending out some of our Barbie or Mermaid Thank You Notes to your guests. Receiving a thank you note in the mail can be almost as exciting as receiving an invitation; plus, your guests will appreciate the gesture and be reminded of the wonderful time they had at your Glam Party!

Glamc copy

This Spa Party Personalized Door Greeter and our Spa Party Personalized Photo Invitations will keep your guests savvy to the when and where of your stylish affair!

Glamc4 copy

Our Flashing Happy Birthday Decor and Ombre Candles make any cake look more delicious!

A makeup party is not only a great opportunity to decorate your features, it’s also the perfect excuse to prettify any party space with some vibrant and delightful decor!  Much like our Mexican Fiesta and Yummy Junk Food party supplies, these Glam Party items are chock full of lovely colors and adorable graphics, making it easy to mix and match our many tableware and decor options to create a one of a kind look for your celebration! These Teal Forks and Spoons look fabulous along side either of our Glam or Spa Slumber Party Supplies, and our Pink or Purple Tissue Fans would make tasteful additions to any little princesses’ birthday or slumber party! You’ll also find a multitude of color and tableware options within our Solid Color Party Supplies collection!

enise'sTiki Party

Combine our Glam Banner Set with these Sea Foam and Hot Pink Sparkle Foil Balloons for added sheen and charm!

Photo booth.png

Capture all of the sweet memories made at your party with this DIY photo booth! Hang our Spa Party Dangling Swirl Cutouts from your wall or ceiling and pose with items from our Spa Party Photo Prop Kit, and have a friend snap pics of the hilarity that ensues!

Party favors are indeed one of many perks reserved for party-goers; lucky for your guests, both our Glam and Spa Slumber party supplies are peppered with plenty of fabulous favors! In addition to the favors featured below, we also offer these fun Spa Party Blowouts, Spa Party Value Stickers, and these hip Pink Zebra Party Glasses just to name a few! If you’re still in the market for party favors, be sure to check out our entire selection of party favors here. Make sure you also grab plenty of our Spa Party Treat Bags or Glitzy Girl Treat Bags so that your guests can transport their collection of favors and treats home for future enjoyment!

baby girlbettina

Turn the glam up to 11! Our Pink Hair ExtensionsHot Pink Feather Boa, Pink Mini Party Hats, and Crown Glasses make perfect party favors or additional photo booth props!


From snazzy decor to favors galore, our Glam party has all things your guests will adore! This Princess Crown Foil Balloon looks lovely in any space, while our Whistling Lips Favors, Retro Travel-Size Coloring Book, and Spa Party Stickers make great favor items!

We understand that party planning can sometimes be stressful, that’s why we strive to make your online shopping experience with us as pleasant and convenient as possible. With our same day order processing on all orders placed before 3 p.m. (Central time) and free shipping on qualifying orders, planning your next party has never been easier! Stop by anytime, we have the solution for any party planning dilemma!


You might want to grab some extra Glam Treat Bags or Spa Party Treat Bags to fill with party goodies for your guests!

Throwing the perfect party is a work of love. Seeing your guests fall in love with your work makes it all worthwhile. Our comprehensive selection of party supplies and convenient shipping options help ease the stress of planning that next big celebration. We at Birthday Direct want to help make your next party perfect; it’s what we do!

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