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Make short work of any mess or spill with our Incredibles 2 Lunch Napkins!

Everyone’s favorite crime fighting family is back in action with the much anticipated release of The Incredibles 2! This long awaited sequel hit theaters on June 15th, making now the perfect time to start planning your very own Incredibles 2 watch party or even a superhero birthday shindig for your favorite little crime fighter! We have everything you need to throw a superb Incredibles 2 themed birthday bash; visit Birthday Direct to find all of your party essentials such as invites, tableware, and party favors emblazoned with your favorite characters from the movie!

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Have no fear! Our Incredibles 2 Beverage Napkins, Dessert Plates, Lunch Plates, and Party Cups, are here to help you CHEW! MUNCH! and CHOMP! your way through some scrumptious party grub!

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Mission objective 1: Confirm that the scene is orderly and clean with our Incredibles 2 Table Cover, then grab a bundle of our Complementary Red Forks, an Incredibles 2 Keepsake Cup, and report to the treats table. Mission objective 2: Devour any yummy treat that crosses your path!

The colors featured on our Incredibles 2 party supplies could be described as rich, striking, and pleasantly versatile, giving any party-planner access to a variety of great tableware and decor pairing options. Be sure to shop our sizable selections of Solid Color Party Supplies and Party Essentials for loads of colorful decor and tableware options, or take a look at some of the pairings featured in the image below. 🙂

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Our Black, Red, and Yellow Cup Set, Crepe Streamer Set, Plate Set, and Napkin Set come pre-packaged with equal amounts of black, red, and yellow items to match the colors featured on The Incredibles’ superhero costumes!


Invitations- Let your guests know exactly where and when your super celebration will be going down! Don’t forget to include:

– For whom

– What time

– What place

– RSVP & Contact Info

– Any important details




If you’re looking for more activities to enliven your super celebration, we have that which you seek! Let your imagination be your guide and get a game of good guys and bad guys going, Incredibles style! These Black Half Masks are a cheap and easy way to transform into your favorite Incredibles character, while our sinister Superhero Masks and Cuff Kit and WWE Paper Masks make truly vile and villainous attire. Have everyone write down their name on a strip of paper and place it in a hat or bowl, and then draw names starting with a hero team until the hero masks are spoken for, then do the same with the villain masks. Now with each guest donning either a villain or a hero’s mask, get an epic game of heroes vs. villains going! Be sure to take turns so every one has a chance to be a hero and a villain!

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Calling all super-guests! Grab some friends and capture some of the party fun on camera! Our Cityscape Party Backdrop and Incredibles 2 Photo Backdrop with Photo Props are not only perfect for group photos but make great decor as well!

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Our Superhero Treat Bags are great for loading your guests up with treats and favors from the party! These Incredibles 2 Temporary Tattoos, Superhero Pencils, Superhero Shooters make terrific favors and can also be enjoyed long after the celebration has ended.

Food Tips

No matter how tough the hero, you can’t save the world on an empty stomach. Yummy party treats are crucial to any superhero celebration, and luckily there are no shortage of great recipes and snack ideas floating around the inter-webs for any adventurous party host to experiment with. Yet, while almost always delicious, party snacks in general aren’t known for being the most healthy thing you can eat. Fortunately, if you take a minute to notice the colors featured in these party supplies, you’ll notice the reds, yellows, blues, etc. are also found in lots of fresh fruits, and who doesn’t love a fresh fruit tray! There are tons of great ideas for Incredibles 2 themed fruit and snack trays to be found on the web, but creating your own will give your party it’s own neat look and is  also an activity you and your child/children could enjoy together! When it’s done, your fruit tray will not only be a healthy snack but will also tie into your parties color scheme and serve as vibrant (and delicious) party decor!

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These Incredibles 2 Value Stickers make great party favors and can even be used to decorate gifts or seal invitations and thank you notes! While saving the world isn’t easy, our Black Half Masks will keep your true identity a close secret as you battle the dreaded Screen Slaver!


These super-festive Incredibles 2 Dangling Swirl Decorations look great hanging above any party space!

We understand that party planning can sometimes be stressful, that’s why we strive to make your online shopping experience with us as pleasant and convenient as possible. With our same day order processing on all orders placed before 3 p.m. (Central time) and free shipping on qualifying orders, planning your next party has never been easier! Feel free to visit us for all of your party needs; no matter how big or small, we are here for them all!

Throwing the perfect party is a work of love. Seeing your guests fall in love with your work makes it all worthwhile. Our comprehensive selection of party supplies and convenient shipping options help ease the stress of planning that next big celebration. We at Birthday Direct want to help make your next party perfect; it’s what we do!

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