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Who knew that everyone’s favorite plumber/hero/all around good guy and his band of helpful cohorts now make house calls? That’s right folks, we live and breathe in a world where you can now host an actual Mario Party in the comfort of your own home, and what a time it is to be alive ūüôā I must say that I’m digging these video game related party series that we’ve been getting in, and this week I’ll be going over some of the neat items that can be found within our Super Mario series! I’m especially excited to fill everyone in on the¬†Value Party Kits¬†that we offer; these kits come with enough supplies and decor to host a quaint get together or a boppin’ birthday bash and anything in between (without sacrificing stylish-ness)! We will get there, but first, there are other stops that we must make on our journey through the Mushroom Kingdom. Come, and I will show you all things magical, yet efficient and affordable, that you can incorporate into your own Super Mario Party. Lets-a-go!


Keep your guests in the know with these sweet Power Up Personalized Invitations, or go one step further and add in a photo of the birthday boy/girl with our Power Up Personalized Photo Invitations!


Our Super Mario Party Value Kit¬†is basically a one stop shop/party in a box. If you’re planning a small to medium get together, this kit has all your needs covered from invites to decor and then some.

Ok, so you’ve decided to throw a Super Mario Party, but maybe you’re not sure where to start. That’s no problem! By the time we’ve reached the end of this post, you’ll have knowledge and know how to spare! Let’s start at step 1: If you’re going to host an event that any gamer or Mario fan would be glad to attend, your guests have to know all of the party particulars, right? Like start-time, date of the party, etc.? You can easily keep everyone on the same page with our Super Mario invitations that are pictured above! If you happen to be throwing a birthday party for your own little hero, then our photo invites (also pictured above) are always a thrill to send and receive. Every party planner is on some type of a budget, and if you’d like to save a little on invites then our standard Super Mario Brothers Invitations¬†offer a more appealing price tag without skimping on aesthetics. Also, if you find yourself facing time constraints, grabbing the Super Mario Value Kit featured above and adding invites is a good way to avoid stress and save extra monies.


Our Super Mario Brothers Cups are great to have on hand for guests, while these Super Mario Brothers Keepsake Cup make a perfect party favor!

So now that we have our invites, let’s move on to decor and tableware. You’ll probably want a table cover/covers to drape over your treats/guest tables depending on the size of your gathering, so grabbing a few of our Super Mario Brothers Table Covers or these¬†8Bit Table Covers would be a good place to start. You can also find some of our Super Mario themed tableware that we offer featured in the images above, or if you’d like to add some extra color to your event, you can find tableware in tons of different hues from which to choose in our Solid Color Party Supplies selection.

When it comes to decor, this series offers options that cater to various personal tastes and budget sizes. Our personalized banners, photo balloons, and door greeters featured below have been designed by our in-house creative team and not only look great, but are affordable and give the planner a chance to add a special birthday message to their decor! You can also check out our selection of Party Essentials for lots of complementary decor items such as Tissue Decorations or Paper Lanterns and Fans!

A Party_

No matter which console you’re playing on, our Super Mario series will make the perfect backdrop for a fun-filled game night or old school tournament!


Get your party space powered up proper with our Power Up Personalized Party Poster and Power Up party Poster!

I’m especially fond of a party series that will work for a number of different occasions; which might elucidate my expanding affection for our Super Mario series (plus it hits me right in the ol’ nostalgia). While this cool collection definitely boasts versatility in regards to gatherings, it also gives party planners the opportunity to serve up unique and yummy sweets! Being that the Super Mario theme is no new-comer to the party game, you can find multitudes of recipes for themed cookies, cakes, treats, and more. Here are two recipes in particular that I thought were equal parts creative and uncomplicated:

These super cool¬†Monster Strawberry Cupcakes¬†resemble the cursed vine things that would pop out and bite/shoot fireballs at you in the Nintendo and SNES versions of Super Mario, so bringing one to life only to eat it makes for a delicious way to exact vengeance on those potted fiends. ūüôā

I also found lots of neat ideas for cookies or small sandwiches made to resemble the elusive gold star that can be nabbed at the end of each level in the older Mario games. One of my favorite star shaped snacks would have to be some simple PB&J sandwiches cut with a star shaped sandwich cutter (this Pixel Cookie Cutter Set would also work!)  and then adorned with raisins or chocolate chips that can serve as eyes! Neat! No matter how you decide to sweeten up your Super Mario celebration, know that you can keep it simple, cheap, and do a lot with a little!


Let your guests know they’re in the right spot with our Power Up Personalized Door Greeter, then grab a couple of these Power Up Personalized Photo Large Balloons¬†to honor a birthday boy or girl’s special day!


These Power Up DIY Party Sign Cutouts make for a fun easy craft that can be displayed when finished, and our Power Up Personalized Thank You Notes makes for a sweet gesture/keepsake for your guests and can be sent out after the days festivities and fun times have come to a close.

Well, it appears that we’re reaching the end of our Super Mario Party, but that doesn’t mean that the fun has to end! You can send your guests home with one of many cool party favors from our Party Favors selection, or choose something in keeping with our theme, like items from our Super Mario Party Favor Package, our 8bit Value Stickers, or fill some of these 8bit Treasure Chests with treats and pass them out as your guests leave the party!

Also, don’t forget that all of our online customers are subject to great benefits like free shipping on qualifying orders and same day order processing! We appreciate that you’ve entrusted¬†Birthday Direct¬†with the task of supplying your next party or event with quality party supplies, and our online selection and dedication to customer satisfaction reflects that. We’re here if you need us, good luck with your own Super Mario Party!

Throwing the perfect party is a work of love. Seeing your guests fall in love with your work makes it all worthwhile. Our comprehensive selection of party supplies and convenient shipping options help ease the stress of planning that next big celebration. We at Birthday Direct want to help make your next party perfect; it’s what we do!

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